Join our new family read-along challenge, the LitWits! Reading aloud as a family is vital to children’s development of literacy. Children learn new language and communication skills while creating lifelong positive associations with reading when read to by a parent or siblings. We hope to encourage this practice of reading aloud to children while also helping families build their own home libraries.

Here’s how it will work: families will sign up at the Chanute Public Library and receive a free paperback copy once a month. Each month will have varying levels of difficulty – some months might be a chapter book, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, while months are picture books, like Snowy Day. Families will take home the book, read aloud to their children, then complete a simple survey and return it to the library before the end of the quarter. At the end of each quarter, each family who read all three books and returned their surveys to the library will earn a small incentive. At the end of the year, families who have finished their books and completed their surveys every quarter will be invited to a large party in January or receive a large grand prize.

Rules for Litwits

You must be signed up at the Chanute Public Library to participate in this challenge.

At the beginning of each month families will receive a book. There will be a variety of difficulty. For example, one month might be a chapter book and the next month a picture book. At the end of three months if all three book have been read and all three reviews have been returned each family will receive a prize.  After twelve months every family that has read all twelve books and returned all twelve reviews will get a special prize or celebration.  Each family should receive twelve books to help build their home library.

If you have a daycare facility and would like to participate you are more than welcome to do so. Each care center facility will receive one book for the daycare provider to read to the children and to build the daycare library. If parents want to participate as a family they need to personally come in and sign up their family at the library.

For more information and to sign up, please visit the library or call us at 620-431-3820.

Click here to download our rules.

Click here to download the monthly survey.